The Den Packaging

Project Date
March 2021

Project Type
School Project

• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop

The objective of this project was to create a packaging design and branding identity for a bakery called ‘The Den’. The bakery is known for its vegan, gluten, and nut-free baked goods, and its brand values sustainability.

I developed branding assets that best suited the brand’s characteristics while keeping the design elevated and straightforward. Establishing the brand identity by using colours and shapes that suit the brand, applying that brand identity to create a packaging design that reflects the sustainability value.

The packaging material is a recyclable solid bleached board; the box is big enough to put up to six products. The paperboard material can easily have braille embossed in areas where text exists, improving the user experience while considering consumer accessibility. In addition, the top cutout features a biodegradable film that keeps the goodies fresh and for customers to see their food. This compact packaging serves as a proper containment, convenient to carry while securing the baked goods inside.

Establishing a strong brand identity that depicts the bakery’s values and products will assist with designing the packaging. To create an effective packaging design, I understood the packaging requirements, the appropriate materials that will be used, and how they will be assembled to ensure a strong structure for the products.

What I Learned
I learned how to create effective packaging design that adheres to brand identity. I created this design with a customer’s perspective in mind, both the branding assets and packaging are simple and reflect what ‘The Den’ values. The packaging is functional and easy to use while contributing to the sustainability aspect by using recyclable and biodegradable materials.

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