Project Date
March 2022

Project Type
School Project

• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop

To create a fixture sign and a tent card that companies can use in stores to advertise and describe a product for sale to the desired target audience. The product I chose to promote is mochi donuts, and the target audience is anyone of all ages who love desserts. How can I create these signs using primarily text and images to promote this product?

With a dessert lover perspective in mind, I wanted to attract customers of all ages with a sweet tooth. The fixture sign and tent card messages mention that the products are handmade or gluten-free, making them more appealing and inclusive. I created a colourful and fun design for this fixture sign to represent the sweet and chewy Japanese dessert, mochi donuts. The Fixture sign and Tent card will persuasively communicate the product I am trying to promote and sell.

I created and played with various shapes and images, that contrast well with the background colours. The layout of the fixture sign focuses on the mochi donuts, as the purpose is to highlight the product. For the text, I chose to use a  sans-serif font for the larger and longer text for better readability and legibility. In addition, script font is used to create emphasis on specific words to form significance and stand out against the sans-serif font. Furthermore, using 3D renderings of mochi donuts images to show customers what the product looks like while creating visual interest.

The images show semi-realistic representation of the dessert and produce an appealing aesthetic for the signs. The various colours seen on the fixture sign and tent card represent the diversity of the desserts. The tent card mentions some of the different kinds of flavours that the store has to offer; this will attract and make potential customers curious to come and see the different flavours the business has to offer. The signs focus on getting customers to try these flavours from across the globe without having to leave Toronto. Creating a successful fixture and tent sign requires good brand consistency and persuasive content to attract customers.

What I Learned
I learned to create effective content for both a fixture sign and tent card to promote a product within stores. I also learned how to create 3D rendering using Adobe Illustrator for two different-sized signs using the same images. 

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