Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

Sponsor Content, 2023
Work - Globe Content Studio (GCS)

The Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism project aimed to create a captivating and immersive digital experience that showcases the natural beauty of the region's landscapes. Collaborating closely with the Creative Lead (Stacie Campbell) and Interactive Designer (Aashish Arora), from the Globe Content Studio, I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and designing a unique approach to presenting the hero and destination.

The core concept revolved around recreating the awe-inspiring Newfoundland and Labrador mountainscape in a digital environment. This immersive experience aimed to evoke a sense of wonder and wanderlust, enticing potential tourists to explore the stunning landscapes of Newfoundland & Labrador.

View ‘here’ for the final product on The Globe and Mail site.

Social media assets

Final concept

Final product

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