Meet the Team

Project Date
November 2021

Project Type
Extracurricular Project

• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Maxon Cinema 4D

The ‘Meet the Team’ Instagram story series is a design project that introduces the 2021-2022 team of Ryerson University’s student group StyleCircle. How can I create a series of Instagram stories that match the StyleCircle aesthetic while being visually different from the previous ‘Meet the Team’ design?

I captured the reputation of StyleCircle which has been established as Ryerson University’s inclusive fashion publication student group while incorporating its future direction of portraying a young, vibrant and flexible look. The colours used express artistic vibrancy, and simple geometrical forms are added to convey a sense of harmony within the design.


I paid close attention to the use of colours and fonts because the design must follow branding guidelines and be appropriate to the overall StyleCircle aesthetic. I chose to use colours that fit the brand and use StyleCircle promotes. Furthermore, I used the StyleCircle fonts to keep it consistent with the branding standards and unify with Stylecircle’s overall social media profile. In addition, I made a simple 3D star rendering to create visual appeal while staying on design trends.

This Instagram story series introduces the StyleCircle members and reflects the StyleCircle brand. The use of dynamic colours and shapes to express the current and future of StyleCircle. The simple shapes and layout allow each member and their profile to look unique and different compared to each other.

What I Learned
I learned to apply the StyleCircle branding while interpreting my style into creating this social media project. A simple design with a bigger meaning behind the use of colours, fonts, and shapes can be just as impactful to represent the project's purpose and brand message.

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