K-Hip Hop Songs

Project Date
July 2021

Project Type
Self-initiated Project

• Adobe Illustrator


Some of my favourite Korean-Hip Hop songs are ‘Late Night’ by Loco and GRAY, ‘Flower’ by Code Kunst, featuring Jay Park, Woo, and GIRIBOY, and ‘Party Forever’ by Simon Dominic. I wanted to portray these songs by utilizing typography and experimenting with the Korean characters. How can I represent these selected songs by using limited colours, shapes, while emphasizing the typography?

A series of poster designs for songs by artists from Korean music labels AOMG and H1ghr Music. These typography posters represent the songs by using fonts and colours from the song’s existing album artwork and music videos. This will create a strong representation and consistent typography designs.

I researched and listened to the selected songs carefully, picking essential lyrics from each song and using the song titles as the main text. I explored numerous fonts and colours to find the best match to represent the songs and their meanings. The fonts had to fit both the Korean and English language, and have strong legibility. The colours I used are from the existing album covers and music video scenes, and the shapes I created help create additional visual appeal.

I created typography posters for Korean-Hip Hip songs by using their own album cover and music video colours and related shapes. I applied simple shapes and typography that indicates the lyrics and themes to express it emotionally. The typography balances Korean and English words, creating a harmonious design.

What I Learned
I learned to create effective typography that can represent different meanings with various languages in mind. It was fun designing with limited options for my favourite songs as it really challenged me to think about the importance of typography and how I can utilize it to my advantage.

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