Happy Pride

Project Date
June 2021

Project Type
Self-initiated Project

• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After Effects
• Maxon Cinema 4D

Due to the global pandemic, COVID-19 cancelled the annual pride parade. How can I design in honour of pride month and enhance one’s mood when looking upon this creation?

The use of bright colours, trendy shapes, and illustrations to image the happiness of pride month to the audience. The colourful works of the illustrations and 3D design illuminate each other, and Happy Pride is implied, and visualized through the motion graphics.

I experimented with various colours for both the static and moving elements of the design. I wanted to create illustrations and 3D shapes that matched and balanced each other. I decided to use lighter shades of colour from the pride flag and iridescent colours for the 3D elements. Use simple transitions for the motion graphics to capture the viewer’s attention.

To represent the emotions of joyous and love during the pride month; I used vibrant colours and heart illustrations that convey these feelings to the viewer. In addition, the creation of the motion graphics helps enhance these elements by providing movement that creates visual appeal.

What I Learned
I learned to advance my illustration and motion graphic skills and understand how to convey emotions within graphics better. Using specific colours and transitions, the representation of pride month was successful.

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