StyleCircle’s Guest Submissions

Project Date
November 2021

Project Type
Extracurricular Project

• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After Effects
• Maxon Cinema 4D

StyleCircle’s annual guest submissions is ready to be open again for the new school term, where local creatives and Ryerson students can submit their written pitches, visual editorials, illustrations, and garment designs to be featured on StyleCircle’s digital publication. How can I create an eye-catching social media post that also fits brand standards?

The solution is to create a video instead of the usual image post to make the post more visually appealing and interesting to the audience. By designing a colourful moving 3D text against a darker background to create contrast, making emphasis to the main message of the post. In addition, using colours and fonts that fit the brand standards, keeping designs consistent with the brand.

I experimented with various colour combinations and effects to create the light reflection that I have envisioned for the revolving 3D text. I wanted to make the 3D text have a holographic effect where it changes into multiple colours when it rotates.

Deciding to create a short video rather than a  image increased the social media engagement rate. Combining the 3D text and motion graphics created an intriguing design that appeals to audiences and gets the message across.

What I Learned
Using the software Cinema 3D I learned the different render settings to create the reflecting holographic effect. In addition, I learned the significance of highlighting the right object can create focus and efficiently portray the message to the viewers.

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