Asian Appreciation Month

Project Date
May 2021

Project Type
Self-initiated Project

• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Maxon Cinema 4D

A month before Asian Appreciation Month, the number of Asian hate crimes started to skyrocket due to Xenophobia and racism related to the COVID-19 pandemic. What can I create for the following month to represent the beautiful Chinese culture for Asian Appreciation Month and ease the viewer’s mind?

The solution is a poster design representing Chinese culture by using objects and colours that symbolize great significance in Chinese history. 

I explored potential objects and items to represent Chinese culture. I wanted to create something that had a rich history and great significance till today, and also be able to connect with the audience. During the modelling of the building, I decided to use a chrome material which makes the design modern and dynamic. Putting the posters together, I decided to make one to have a closer view of the 3D model and emphasize the text and message.

To make a great representation of the Chinese culture for Asian Appreciation Month, I built the 3D Forbidden City building. I used symbolic colours to communicate with the concept while pleasing the eye from the use of gradients. The final designs all consist of the 3D structure and clouds, the first one plays with the Chinese text and gradients, and the second focuses on the 3D shapes.

What I Learned
During the process of making the 3D models, I experimented with various materials. I learned to use the material and lighting settings to create specific reflections. I also learned about the importance of the meaning behind the design when considering the overall design.

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